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What Is The Kilkenny Arts festival?

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Kikenny Arts Festival

The Kilkenny arts festival is a yearly art festival that takes place in Kilkenny, Ireland. It was founded in the year 1974 by a group of classical music enthusiasts. Although it first started as a celebration of classical music and art forms, in recent times, it has encompassed other art forms like theatre, visual art, literature, craft, and dance. The arts festival allows attendees to wear trending festival clothes as a method of self-expression.

Features Of The Kilkenny Arts Festival

The art festival is a 10-day long feast of artistic entertainment. The festival brings all sorts of expression of art and culture into Kilkenny, making the festival a burst of different styles and interpretations of thoughts. Kilkenny Arts Festival is committed to presenting a unique, distinctive, and inspiring programme in various artistic disciplines to a broad audience. The festival also incorporates works from different parts of the world. The festival features art ordinarily not seen in Kilkenny but imported from Ireland and other parts of the world.

Kilkenny Arts Festival is Kilkenny’s oldest and largest non-profit festival, drawing over 30,000 people annually to the city of Kilkenny. A showcase for Irish and international artists, the festival allows people to visit historical sites in Kilkenny. Some of the events take place in some of the oldest places in the city.

Why Kilkenny?

When you attend the Kilkenny Arts Festival, expect to fall in love with the charm and splendour of the Irish city. One certain feature of this festival is the awesome, extensive display of different artistic expressions featuring local and international artists. The festival’s programme includes a parade through the city. If all these do not make for an incredible arts festival experience, then what will?