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Festivals In Ireland

festivals in Ireland

Festivals In Ireland Facts

Planning to visit Ireland one day? Aside from its scenic views and beautiful landscapes, Ireland sure knows how to be festive. From January to December, you can expect to celebrate some of their famous festivals and celebrations. Festivals in Ireland have always been a way to define the Irish culture and tell a story of its history.

By now, you must be wondering and doing tons of research to make your own itinerary. We are here to help you, whether you want to go to the Dublin Game Festival or any of the other amazing festivals.

If you are looking for music, food, comedy, races, pub or even art, Ireland does not shy away from the best festive activities that they have to offer.

On you will find:

  • The most popular festivals in Ireland
  • The famous cities that hold a festival
  • The best time of the year to go to Ireland

Which Festivals In Ireland Are For You?

Whether you are planning a romantic, a group, or a family trip, there is a festival for every kind. To get you in that festive mood, Irish music festivals are a must-visit. All throughout the year, you can try different music festivals such as the Galway Early Music Festival in May, Cork Jazz Festival in October, and Fleadh Traditional Irish Music Festival in August.

If you are into arts, literature and culture, the Galway International Arts Festival is held in July every year where artists, writers, musicians, performers, and fans gather from across the globe. Moreover, you can also try Listowel Writers’ Week, a 5-day festival held in County Kerry, and Kilkenny Arts Festival in August.

Famous People Celebrated In Ireland

One of the most notable people in Ireland is St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s Day is, by far, one of the most celebrated days for its popularity across the globe. To celebrate this day, people dress up in green, go on a parade and party with good music for three days in March.

Another celebrated person is James Joyce. Joyce is an Irish novelist celebrated for his novel Ulysses. Every year, people would dress up like him or one of the characters in his books, and act out some of the famous parts from his books. St. Patrick and James Joyce are one of the famous people who have shaped the country’s culture and arts.

james joyce

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The Most Unique Festivals In Ireland

Looking for something entirely different? Among the oldest festivals in Ireland is Puck Fair. It has been celebrated for over 400 years where a mere goat is crowned as king and celebrated for three days in August. On this day, you can expect a carnival atmosphere where traditional music & dance, concerts, parades, and even puppet shows all collide.

If you are a seafood lover, you will surely enjoy the Galway Oyster Festival held in September. It is an eventful weekend with music festivals, competitions, cook-offs, parades, and of course a whole lot of seafood to devour. You can check out other unique festivals in Ireland like Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival and National Ploughing Championships both in September.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is common knowledge that St. Patrick’s Day is the most famous across the globe. From the United States to London and Dubai, this day has been an annual celebration for all ages where large crowds gather on 17th of March.

Depending on which festival you want to visit, you can expect classic festivals in Ireland throughout the year. In March and April is St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. If you plan to go in the summer, you can enjoy the Bloomsday Festival. Lastly, you can come in December and experience an Irish Christmas.

There are many factors to consider to answer this question. It depends on the weather, month, and activities. In terms of weather, it can be unpredictable. However, no matter the season, there is always something to do in any city whether indoor or outdoor. If you want the best weather, you should come to Ireland in spring and summer. The months of June to August is thought to be the best months to come to Dublin for its warm climate and festive environment. For these reasons, expect it to be more pricy and crowded compared to other months.