Kilkenny Arts Festival | A Festival Like No Other

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Kilkenny Arts Festival

If you ever visit Ireland in August, here is an event you should not miss. The Kilkenny Arts Festival truly brings out the liveliness and talents of Ireland. From electrifying performances by musicians to presentations of well-crafted poems by writers, this festival will make you create memories in the historic city of Kilkenny. It is one of the festivals in Ireland that people from all over the world attend.

It’s not just the performances that are pleasant but also the rich history of the city. Visiting the city will give you the chance to see the Kilkenny Castle of the 12th century as well as the city’s oldest courtyards, townhouses, churches and gardens.

Musical Performances & Other Events

The Kilkenny Arts Festival goes on for ten days, and musical performances highlight the festival. Ireland’s finest musicians will grace the stage as well as other international musicians. If you have two left feet, you can enjoy the music while watching different dance groups show their talent.

Due to the popularity of the Kilkenny Arts Festival, globally acclaimed artists get the chance to perform once in a while. Some of the top international musicians who’ve performed include Victoria de Los Angeles, Jordi Savall, Dawn Upshaw, Alfred Brendel, Joshua Bell and Nigel Kennedy. Musical masters such as Sir András Schiff and Christian Blackshaw have also performed at the event. Another exciting performance is the cross-genre music collaborations featuring artists and the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

What Else To Enjoy At The Kilkenny Arts Festival

Spectacular music is just one of the many things you will enjoy at the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Below are a few extra things that will make your experience magical.

  • Delicious and tasty food
  • Charming and friendly people
  • Picturesque buildings and settings

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On The Event

Everything about the Kilkenny Arts Festival seems to favour it. Even though the city isn’t Ireland’s capital, Kilkenny is only a stone’s throw from Dublin. You can take the train, bus or car, and after a couple of minutes, you’ll be admiring historical buildings and listening to great music.

The event happens every year and The Irish Times and The Irish Daily Mail, have nothing but praise to say about the event. The Irish Daily Mail even referred to the event as ‘One of the jewels in the arts calendar’s crown’. If you travel to Ireland in August, the Kilkenny Arts Festival will give you a magical experience to cherish.