Our very own hosts for the Streamers stage are the AllCast Irish Gamers

What’s the Craic!? Welcome to the AllCast Irish Gamers! We are 2 Irish Lads in our 30s who love gaming. We play tons of games but we also do so much more. Sit back and enjoy hours of interviews, Vlogs, Indie games and Charity Live Streams!! We started attending gaming events in 2017. We helped promote and hosted Gamerfest in Galway & Limerick, 8-Bit Conference, GXI and Playersxpo in Dublin. We MC’d at these events while also holding our own slot to interact with fans. The team produce video content to help with marketing these events online. Before and after. We have even made content for GameStop Ireland. In 2018, we are now taking on more events. Including the massively popular MineVention, cementing our place in the Irish Gaming Industry. We create stage shows with party games that are fun, interactive and get as many people up on stage and involved, enjoying themselves. Helping to manage the main stage and it’s timetable while looking after guests to take the pressure off event organisers. If you are organising an event and would like us there, then please get in contact via our contact page or email [email protected] “YouTubers All-Cast Irish Gamers deliver a video every 2 days or so while maintaining a loyal live stream community. With their talent for quality and quantity and insane games-inspired attire, ACIG are in a unique position to inspire the gaming YouTubers of tomorrow, give sagely advice for those looking for a breakthrough on the platform or just tell us who their tailor is.” – Independent.ie For the last three years, we have also run charity live streams in aid of Our Ladies Children’s Hospital in Crumlin. Raising over €1500. This includes live guests, Allcast Vs Allcast matches, online gaming and interactive games which our subscribers can join in on through live chat. AllCast Irish Gamers is also an online gaming community of friendly and mature gamers. So why not join us playing games and help build a fun community of gamers! We play games and make videos on YouTube all the time, with over 900 videos!

Special Guests

John Romero

About John Romero

Alfonso John Romero is an American director, designer, programmer, and developer in the video game industry. He is best known as a co-founder of id Software and designer for many of their games, including Wolfenstein 3D, Dangerous Dave, Hexen, Doom, Doom 2 and Quake.

In April 2016, Romero announced a partnership with Adrian Carmack to create a new FPS entitled Blackroom, describing their vision as a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play with a mixture of exploration, speed, and intense, weaponized combat.

Content Creators

At the Dublin Games Festival, we look to promote streamers from Ireland and abroad! Streamers, YouTubers, Content Creators and many more entertain gamers with a variety of content that keeps us all engaged with the latest games or playthroughs. Come and meet our special Guests!

Forged Unity

We are Jax and Will a streamer couple from Northern Ireland and together we are Forged Unity. We are engaged and have been streaming together for just over a year now on twitch, we stream a variety of games but our main games are Fortnite and Destiny 2. Streaming is a part time gig for us as we both have full time jobs, Jax is a Florist and Will works in Retail but we love streaming and would like to take it full time if we got the opportunity. We are also apart of the Non Toxic Gaming community who are an amazing organization who promote a friendly, non toxic environment and do a lot of work for charities. We love what we do and have met some amazing people through streaming and look forward to continuing the journey and forging new friendships. Fun Fact: We both love Ice Hockey and Volunteer for the Belfast Giants in our spare time.


Has freckles and always has a cookie in reaching distance.. That’s why they call him Cookie! Sells cookies to children and puts “Free Cookie” in stream titles, but never gives anyone a cookie. He’s a monster!! Guess you could say he’s a Cookie Mons… Never mind.


Yo, my names Cah or Ciaran. I’m 20 and from Galway. Currently going to college in GMIT studying Game Design which is pretty cool. I started off making Youtube videos when I was 15 and here we are. It’s nice to meet you 🙂


I am a Twitch Streamer from Laois that likes to dabble in all sorts of games! From playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Competitively to playing Horror games and falling out of my chair with fright! I like to think I am a down to earth and fun streamer and love to make new friends through the platform of Twitch.


Psyche is a Northern Irish variety broadcaster with a focus on space and sandbox games, and a few indie gems thrown in there too.


Hey guys my names Martin but only my Ma calls me that, To everyone else I’m known as Murty. I’m a 31 year old nerd living out in the sticks of Kilkenny. Been streaming on Twitch for 5 years now and have loved the roller coaster that it is. Ambition is to grow or be part of growing an incredibly strong tight Irish community of streamers which twitch is certainly lacking at the moment. Always try to keep a smile on my face and to put one on others and keep that positive side vibe going. That’s me in a nutshell 🙂


Hi my name is Lauren I’m based in Dublin. My main focus when it comes to streaming is interacting with the community. I play a variety of different games and stream them on Twitch. Can also be seen binging TV shows and movies. I really enjoy being part of the growing Irish streaming community.


Hey There! I am MissLunarmagick. I live in Co.Clare Ireland. I’m a 28 year old Variety Streamer on Twitch. I have been streaming since December 2013 and absolutely loving it ever since. My stream is all about spreading the enjoyment and love for games to as many people as possible. I play a wide variety of games from first person shooters to RPGs, Puzzle games, Story Rich Games, Walking Sims and pretty much anything else I take an interest in. I am mostly known for my deep love and streams of the Fallout Franchise. One strange thing about me is my deep and extensive knowledge of random animal facts. Like did you know that a group of badgers is called a Cete or a Clan?


Hey everyone! I’m IrishAchilles, also known as Richie. I’m from County Limerick, but recently moved to County Clare where the houses are nice but the internet is terrible. I have been streaming for just over 3 years and I have loved every minute of it! I stream a variety of games from RPG’s such as The Witcher & Fallout series to battle-royal games like PUBG… I love PUBG! On stream you will hear me do my Gollum impression, get angry at my terrible gameplay, scream like a girl in horror games and drink gallons of tea. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at DGF!

Metal Ass Gaming

Gaming channel based in Northern Ireland. We built up our following on YouTube between 2014 and 2017 and then switched to Twitch.


I like long walks on the beach, snuggling up with a good book and flying kites on a cool summers evening breeze. When not saving lives from burning buildings or teaching people in remote villages how to read, I plays computer games and stream on twitch.


An Irish YouTuber and Streamer. I’ve been making videos on YouTube for the past 8 years but only started taking it seriously when I made the channel LittleMarMan in 2014. I make a lot of videos on Call of Duty but have recently developed a passion for Fortnite and include that into both my upload and stream schedule.


My name is Michael Payne and ive been gaming for about 28 years! first game i ever touched was PONG all those years ago but the first console i ever owned was a Sega, my passion for gaming grew from there! i started on youtube in the early 2000s doing small videos, animations and visual effects. Another year or 2 went by and i decided i was gonna make a gaming channel on youtube where i uploaded full game playthroughs,reviews,first looks etc etc but after a good number of years doing that i found myself not really enjoying the editing part as it took up too much time which is why i decided to start live streaming on youtube! But it was April of 2017 where i met an amazing Lady called Anti-Tinkerbell thanks to the Allcast Irish Gamers and she introduced me to an amazing website called Mixer which is where I have settled down, the community is amazing and I’ve made so many new friends with it. The future of PayneTrainGaming is set and we have new artworks and all coming which is exciting times to come.

Nintendo Impact Gaming!

My name is Barry Dunne and I am YouTuber who loves gaming from every platform, especially Nintendo. I have nearly Two Million channel views to date. I perform on stage and enjoy acting and singing. I do voice over for games too. I enjoy showing off games before they come out, unboxings, doing podcasts with people in the industry and so much more!


Twitch Partnered Fifa And Fortnite Streamer. I am a final year Earth And Ocean Science university student at NUI Galway Viewer Interaction is one of the key reasons as to why I love streaming so much. A good sense of community within my channel motivates me to work harder! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone from the streams at the event!


27 year old Northern Irish Transgirl RPG streamer. Mainly focused on creating builds and doing challenge runs in games like Dark Souls and Fallout 4. All about positivity!

MrBlue and Queenie

We are Simon and Row, otherwise known as MrBlue and Queenie, we’re a Twitch partnered gaming couple from Northern Ireland who host a double perspective channel focusing on community building and chatbox interaction across various gaming genres ranging from BR, survival, FPS and more.


Microsoft Content Provider (Partner Streamer). Partnered with PUBG & Sponsored by Gfuel. Mainly play FPS but love to dabble with variety games and game related Craft.

Unicorn Gaming

LGBT Partnered Mixer Streamer

Masson23 from Nintendo Dads

Masson23 is a co host and founder of Nintendo Dads, a weekly podcast which focuses on the world of Nintendo through the eye of a fan, now raising our own little gamers. The show covers news, reviews and parenting advice all under a family friendly banner. Nintendo Dads has been in existence for over 4 years and can be found on all major podcast platforms. The team consists of 5 dad’s in various countries including Canada, USA, England and Ireland.


I’m a Full Time streamer over on Mixer.com, I have been streaming now for 3 years and i have been Partnered with Mixer for nearly 2 years. I am a family guy with a wife and 3 kids and they mean everything to me and there one of the Biggest reasons of me streaming as a career.


Chill streams abusing my voice


My name is James and I’m an Irish streamer/youtuber and game developer! My channel and streams feature tutorials for making your own games, and playing & talking about the latest & retro games. There’s gaming goodness for everyone!


Hey! My name is Duggy and I’m a Youtuber based in Galway who creates cinematic shorts (Machinimas) from serious to comedic through video games, mainly through GTA V at the moment. Youtube has been an awesome creative outlet for me and one I hope to keep on doing for many years to come, especially as more games allow possibilites for creating cinematics through them.



I’m an Irish full time Twitch Partner & YouTuber! I like to pretend I’m a variety broadcaster but in all reality I’m just addicted to Dead by Daylight. I’ve been streaming seriously for almost 3 years and I’ve been doing YouTube for about 5 years.



Young Irish Fortnite Streamer.
Known as one of the Top Fortnite players in Ireland, preforming in tournaments such as Summer Skirmish, Solo Showdown and Fortnite Pro League.
Looking forward to meeting you all!



Hi there! The name is Speakr! Or Shaun if you prefer! Casual AF Gamer
Turned Part Time Streamer in my downtime!

I was raised in ireland, and from a young age became quite the avid gamer, it was now 3 years ish ago I was introduced to streaming!

After dabbling with streaming in the past on both Youtube & Twitch
I found my home in mixer on August 2016 & In January of 2017 was
offered partnership. They have not been able to get rid of me since.

I am a variety streamer versed heavily in the ways of Hunt: Showdown, Monster Hunter and Warframe. I also play a butt load of call of duty black ops 4 and the occasional story game!



Hello, I’m Demonata & I am an Irish streamer! I play almost any genre of games but i mainly focus on FPS, Racing & Story driven games! My favourite games are Titanfall, Mass Effect & Spyro!

The Disabled Gamer


I am an 18 year old Irish Youtuber/Streamer with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy trying to show people my Abilities rather than my Disabilities through Gaming and in a way trying to educate people about Disabilities and the Abilities of those living with Differences.



Hi my names Jason, i’m 27 from N.Ireland and currently a streamer for World’s Best Gaming. I have been streaming for nearly 3 years now and previously played Call of Duty competitively.



N.I streamer, foul mouthed and full of banter



I’m a streamer from Belfast, Ireland and I stream mainly FPS games, and love to have a beer and play party games on the weekends with viewers! Been streaming almost 2 years and love every second of every interaction through there.



Hey guys, I’m Jibbo94, a.k.a “”Jib”” (You may also call me by my human name “”Shane””).

I’m 24 and a new up and coming Twitch streamer based in Dublin! I regularly stream Fortnite on Twitch and other games such as Black Ops 4. Currently top 10 in Ireland for most Fortnite wins (PS4).

Looking forward to meeting you at DGF