League of Legends

One of the cornerstones of Irish esports, League of Legends will be at the Dublin Games Festival in full force! One of the best MOBA games around, League of Legends at Dublin Games Festival will be a unique experience!

Important Information
This tournament will feature a pre-qualifier phase with the last two remaining teams in each division playing live at Dublin Games Festival. An esport ticket is required for anyone wishing to compete in any tournament at Dublin Games Festival. Pick up your esport ticket in the section below and be sure to state clearly if you’re signing up as a free agent or as part of a team. If you’re signing up as part of a team, you’ll be asked to input the team name. Please take care with the spelling and punctuation of your team name and instruct all of your teammates to use the exact same spelling and punctuation when they are getting their tickets. This allows us to validate teams on Battlefy with ease.

Within 24 hours of purchasing your tickets, you’ll be emailed a Battlefy join code. You can use this code to sign your team up. If you are not the team captain and the team captain has already signed up the team, they can simply invite you. We will validate all team members have tickets before you are allowed to compete, so please make sure to purchase your esport ticket before joining any team on Battlefy.

The ticket also includes entry into the event, so if you are knocked out during the qualifiers, you and your team can still come and enjoy an awesome day of gaming at Dublin Games Festival.


Prize Pools
Division One – €2,000 winner takes all.
Division Two – €1,000 winner takes all.

Who can participate?
Anyone aged 12 years or older (Require Wavier form for those under 16) can participate in this event. There are no restrictions on residency, however, all players must be able to attend Dublin Games Festival on November 24th in the RDS, Dublin.

Your account must be level 30, in good standing and a minimum honour level of 2.

Dublin Games Festival will operate two divisions for League of Legends. Here are the cutoffs for each division.

Division One
A team will be placed in Division One if any member of the team has been ranked Platinum V or higher at any point in this current season.

Division Two
A team will be placed in Division Two if no member of the team has been ranked higher than Gold I at any point in this current season.

Teams will compete over a number of weeks in both divisions to determine the last two remaining teams of each division. These games will be played on set days and times each week and we will broadcast a mix of games from the RAID Studio.

We will release a schedule of play when tournament registration closes.


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