Frequently Asked Questions

Who is running this event??
I am glad that you asked that question! Dublin Games Festival is being organized by Aeonspark Events Ltd which recently organized the major success of Dublin Games Summit as part of the Dublin Games Brand. Theo Goyvaerts (Co-founder of G-Series events, basically esport events) and Graeme Moore (Founder of 8Bit Conference, Retro gaming events!) teamed up with Daire Hardesty (Owner of Elite Gamer online portal), Total Expo and GFD Conference to bring the Dublin Games Festival.

We also have a very large team consisting of real gamers that are interested in making this the best gaming event Ireland has seen!

I have kids, are they able to come?
Of course! Children under age of 16 must come with an adult as their chaperone and can avail of the Family ticket for this. If you have more children you wish to bring, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
My child has an addiction with games and I don't want them to be encouraged by this event
We will in fact have a seminar in the Business zone for parents in how to deal with children and their gaming habits, especially how new titles are coming out. We will also help educate parents on what the best games for their younger children to play that are both educational and relaxing (handy for when its time for bedtime). We feel here at the Dublin Games that video game education is lacking in Ireland and we wish to improve the knowledge and tools for parents to deal with it!
Will you be selling tickets at the door?
If we have tickets left! We will be indeed selling tickets at the doors
Are you going to oversell tickets and have it impossible to get in?
Definitely not!! We are capping the event at 5000 people which compared to other events where much higher numbers! We do have room to expand the event to much higher numbers but we are more interested in the quality of the event then sheer numbers. We are constantly redoing floorplans and talking to the RDS about the number of people we are able to handle.

Not only that! But we will have separate queue systems for Families, Esport Players, people with disabilities and the general public. We are doing this to speed up the process and also have various supports for different groups.

Will we need to spend loads of times queue for everything once we are in there?
While we can’t guarantee that there will be no massive queues, we will be trying to help manage expectations and help improve the time spent at the event. For instance, we will have times to let people know how much time they have on a station (console or pcs) and we will also have an appointment list for other stations.

We believe that if we can show the times it will take to queue for your favorite game and keep you up to date on how long it will take!