Cosplayer Sign up

Would you like to join the 100’s of other cosplayers at this years Dublin Gaming Festival? We have you covered, whether it is your first time or if your a expert we would love to see what you can bring to the event. So much so that we have up to €1,000 up for grabs across 4 different categories (Pro, Intermediate, Beginner and Judges Choice). Get those scissors and sellotape out and join the revolution.

The categories are as followed:

Costumes must be over 80% made. You must bring reference for judges.
You will be judged on details, performance and accuracy.
For custom music, please forward the music to [email protected]


Costumes must be over 25% made. Reference is optional.
You will be judged on detail, performance and accuracy.

Costumes that are bought, pieced together, altered or under 25% made. You will be judged on Performance and Accuracy. There will be a bonus section for extra points for those who made props, use of makeup sfx, altering/tailoring a costume, making parts of the costume.

Judges Choice
A prize awarded by all judges to an entry who impressed them who didn’t win in another category.

All entries will get individual music of their choice

*please note that accompany the sign up form that a ticket must still be bought to gain entrance to the event.