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How it works

Interested in showing your game, products or services at the Dublin Games Festival? We have a package for everyone at the Dublin Games Festival to suit your needs, depending on what you are looking for we have a number of different rates that we have broken down into a very simple system. We have split the Dublin Games Festival stand/space into a number of different packages.

  • Expo
  • Marketplace
  • Indie Developers
  • Startups



The cost per Sq. Metre is €185 excluding VAT, this is the rental space with nothing else included, the smallest size you can get at the Dublin Games Festival is 4m x 4m.



3m x 2m – €300 (excluding VAT)
4m x 2m – €400 (excluding VAT)
6m x 2m –  €500 (excluding VAT)

The Marketplace Package includes dividing walls, lighting, carpet and company name sign is mandatory on all stands up to 10 sq. metres and on all perimeter stands.

Indie Development Spot

At the Dublin Games Festival, we are given game developers and small studios a chance to show off their game! You will get a table, two chairs and a power socket for our location.

€185 (Including VAT)


Artist Spot

We love art and especially if you wish to promote art within games! For that, we have a special rate which will give you a table and two chairs!

€80 (Including VAT)